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Wow. We are blown away by the support.

We knew we had some great items this time around and we expected our March sale to be big, but the level of support you all showed us yesterday blew us away. We are humbled by that support, and all the artists involved with Wolf King Customs want to thank everyone who joined in the sale yesterday and grabbed some cool items!

We have been receiving a number of emails and requests, so we thought it made sense to answer some common questions here:

  1. Yes, the skeleton and goblin torsos will be back in future sales. We do not normally cap the number of "unpainted" pieces we sell for an item in a sale, but because those torsos are large, we set some limits on them to ensure we can produce the entire sale worth of orders in the allocated time frame. Honestly, we set the number where we thought they would last most of, if not the entire sale. They sold out before the end of Day 1! We know there is desire for those parts, so trust me we will bring them back.

  2. In terms of "bringing things back" - you may have read that the original Kitsune heads are now going to offered in EVERY sale we do. We have also been fielding lots of questions asking for some of Jeremy's other critters - the badgers, turtles, and of course the Kitsune tails. ALL of those will be back soon as well! We are planning on doing badgers and turtles in the NEXT sale, so hang on! As for fox tails, we are tweaking how we print those to try to make them a little lighter, while still ensuring they are as strong as we can make them. Those will also be back soon - so if you grabbed a new fox head and wanted a tail to go with it, they are also coming!

  3. Actually, as more and more of our releases becomes "series" like God's Fire and Legend of the Kitsune, we are hearing more and more fans request some of the older items. We hear you, and we are working on it!

  4. The sale itself is still going strong! We aren't sure of the exact end date yet, but we usually run them for a week, so expect this sale to close out sometime next weekend. In the meantime, we still have a TON of cool items to choose from, including painted and unpainted pieces! These include skeletons, critters, djinn, and pieces from that aforementioned God's Fire series!

  5. more thing. We made a small mistake when the sale went live yesterday and we forgot to add the painted version of the rabbit feet! We have added those now...but for the people that ordered a painted rabbit head and unpainted feet, be on the lookout for an email from us. We will take care of you.

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