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Scrumble the Many aka Scrum Wizard Jesslin: Portrait by Emil Wickman

Scrumble the Many aka Scrum Wizard Jesslin: Portrait by Emil Wickman

SKU: L140

This is a 3D-printed head sculpted by Emil Wickman. It comes unpainted so you can use it in your own custom project. Note that any photos showing painted versions of this are for example purposes only. This is the  head only.

This portrait was inspired by our Friend for Jesse Arnold and his love for small woodlan creatures.

Scrum was a promising young wizard apprentice. A little slow to fully develop a skill, but once he did he was unfailingly good at it. At a gathering of wizards, they were attempting a powerful spell and it went wrong. Scrum somehow absorbed all the minds of the gathered wizards. As a result, he lost his voice. But when the situations call for it, the other wizards can speak through him to do their spells and incantations.




    All heads are 3D printed and ready to painted by you.

    Heads are meant to fit Mythic Legions as well as other figure bodies. You will need a small amount of "blue tack" or other adhesive to secure the head in place.

    Note that this is for 1 unpainted head part only. Any photos of full figures or painted heads are for example purposes.


    As this is a custom printed item, returns are not accepted. If an item does arrive damaged, contact us and we will do what we can to assist.


    This is a in stock  item. All products are expected to ship in approximately 2-3 days.

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