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LegionsCon Wrap Up

Wow - what a crazy and awesome weekend we had last week at LegionsCon 2022! First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who came up to the WKC booth to make a purchase or even to chat for a bit about Legions, customizing, and more. It was incredible to connect with so many fans of the line and everyone on "Team Wolf King" who was present was blown away by the response we got to our booth and our "pop and swap" breakout session.

If you were at the show, you may have seen that we debuted a number of new pieces, including some new critters from Jeremy, some new God's Fire items from Steven and Emil, and even a pair of Mythic Crocs shoes that work great with a certain hot-tub loving red skeleton! We are adding all of these to the site so that anyone who did not grab one at the show can do so (many of those items are added now and more are coming), or for fans who had to miss out on LegionsCon! All these new items will be sold on!

For fans who were not able to make it to the show to grab some items, we have a special offer running right now! FREE shipping (sorry, US domestic only) using the promo code LEGIONSCON! This code will work until 11/18, so if you want to stock up on custom parts from the artists of Team Wolf King, and you want to do so without paying shipping (just like if you grabbed it from our table at LegionsCon), NOW is the time to do so!

We are already buzzing about our plans for next year's LegionsCon event, and we can't believe we have to wait a whole 12 months to do it again! We promise, the wait will be worth it, however, because Team Wolf King will be out in force at LegionsCon 2023! We hope to see you there.

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