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Follow us on Social Media for Sneak Peeks (like these)!

If you are not connected to Wolf King Customs on social media, you are missing out on some very cool sneak peeks!

You can follow us on Instagram here -

You can connect with us on Facebook here -

Additionally, we have recently started a Facebook group to support custom figure creation called The Wolf Den.

So what have you been missing if you aren't already following those accounts? Here's some goodies for you to enjoy!

Our "spartan-style" skull head.

Skull samurai, 3-part set

A character from our upcoming "Mysfyts of Kaos" series.

Some new armor pieces for the "Dragon Warrior" character from the "God's Fire" series

All of these pieces were conceived by me (Len) and 3D sculpted by GianArt. The only exception are the "Dragon Warrior" armor pauldrons which were designed by Steve Biesiada and sculpted by Emil Wickman.

All of these pieces will be available from Wolf King Customs in some of our upcoming sales!

Want to see more early looks like these? Keep your eyes tuned to this site, but also be sure to follow us on our social accounts since you never know where we will share something first!

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