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In Stock Sale - December 5

For everyone who has contacted me asking for an item we sold in a previous sale, our December 5th "In Stock" sale is for you!

All of the older items sold in this upcoming sale are overrun pieces from when they were offered in the past. That means these are in hand now and they will ship as soon as the sale itself is done! I plan to run the sale for 1 week, so that means that by mid-December, all these items will be on their way to buyers! Barring unforseen postal service delays (or possibly for some overseas destinations), you will have these new parts in your hands for the holidays.

One thing to be aware of with this coming sale is that parts are limited to what is on hand, including unpainted parts. Normally we do not put a cap on unpainted parts in our sales, but because this "In Stock" sale is only for already printed pieces, once that stock is gone, it is gone! So what do we plan to have available? We will have items from across our entire catalog of parts, with unpainted pieces from every pretty much every creator we work with:

  • Kitsune fox parts, including full sets as well as individual heads and tails

  • Our super popular "Squid Head" release

  • Emil Wickman's dwarf heads, orc head, vampire, and his feline head

  • Walter DeMarco's Viking/Dwarf warrior head and his Mark III Marine helmet

  • Our ogre-scale weapon toppers, both the hammer and the spear head

  • The "Badgerine" head, both the normal version and the hooded insert

  • The Wulvven wolf heads and feet

  • A variety of weapons, including the hand claws, woodpecker axe, daggers, and TeeBee's Goblin Slaying Stick Sword

  • Plus very limited numbers of painted versions of some of these parts!

In addition to these previously released parts, we will also have a few new offerings which will also be limited in nature. These include the "Crawdaddy" head as well as a very cool samurai-style "straw" hat. Both of these were conceived by Jeremy Girard and sculpted by Walter DeMarco (look for pics of that piece soon). They will be available in limited numbers as both painted and unpainted items - and yes, like everything else in this sale they will be limited in numbers!

The "In Stock" sale begins at 3pm EST next Saturday, December 5th. It will run until the 12th at 3pm EST so that all orders can be packaged and shipped out that following week. If you missed out on these parts in the past, don't skip this sale! Many of these parts will not be offered again anytime soon, so now is your chance to stock up on these Wolf King Customs offerings! Oh, and one last thing - the "Swag Shop" will remain open as well during this sale, so if you have been waiting to grab your Cabal, LegionsCast, Mythic Customs, or Wolf King gear, this is a great time to do so since that will be shipped with your order as well!

As always, thank you for the continued support - I can't wait for you all to see what we have planned for 2021. It is going to be epic!

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