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Sale Date Announced for 03/20/21

We are excited to announce that the next sale of new parts from Wolf King Customs is slated for Saturday, 03/20/21 at 3pm EST!

This sale will include some new pieces that people have been looking forward to for awhile, including the amazing Fallen head from the God's Fire series by Emil Wickman and Steven Biesiada. We will also have an awesome pauldron armor for that character that actually can be used to display his removable mask.

Another piece that we've heard lots of people asking about is the skeleton torso from Walter DeMarco of MASS Customs. This piece was first shown off during our Holiday Special and we've been asked about it ever since. Well, it will be available in this sale. Please note, however, that this is a deluxe piece and it will be available in limited numbers. We don't normally set limits on unpainted parts, but this one will have a set number to make sure we can get these printed for customers in a reasonable time frame. Long story short - if you want this piece, don't delay on this sale!

On the subject of skeletons, we will also have a few new skeleton heads, including a skeleton centurion and a skeleton ronin with removable mask and helmet! These pieces where all designed by me (Len) and sculpted by GianArt.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Wolf King sale without some critters, and Jeremy is bringing them out big time with the first pieces in his "Burrows of Woodhaven" and "Legend of the Kitsune 2" series. We will have the normal rabbit head and feet, plus the Kitsune ninja fox commander head! Additionally, starting this month, every Wolf King sale will include the original Kitsune fox head offered both painted and unpainted! We get so many requests for that head, so we want to make it super easy for fans to get it.

Is that all we will offer in this sale? Not even close! We will also have Djinn parts from Jeremy's "Secrets of the Lamp" series, a goblin torso from Emil, new weapons for God's Fire and for the skeleton centurion, and even a pair of "Assassin Air" sneakers to outfit your Legions with some new kicks! It is a crazy variety of amazing parts and we expect there will be a little something for everyone.

In terms of painted/unpainted, all these parts will be offered unpainted and we are working to make as many as possible painted as well! Painters for this sale include Steven Biesiada, Jeremy Girard, Pete Tieman, and Chris Middlecamp. You can see some of these painted examples in the image above, and others will be ready soon!

We know there are a TON of awesome items vying for your collecting dollars right now, and we thank everyone who decides to spend some of the budget here at Wolf King Customs. We look forward to see you here on the 20th for this sale!

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