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The Monsters (and more) Will Be Back Soon!

We just wrapped up another sale (Monstrous October) and once again we were blown away by everyone who chose to support Wolf King Customs. We cannot thank you enough for that support!

OK, so now that the monsters have been put to bed (at least temporarily), we are full steam ahead getting these all printed and painted for you! As stated in the sale, these will take 4-6 weeks from the end of the sale to fulfill, so we are likely look at delivery in mid-to-late December.

Speaking of December, you may have noticed the new banner image on the homepage for our “In Stock” sale coming next month (it is also shown below). That’s right, we will wrap up the year with a sale of items that are on hand and ready to ship!

When we run our sales, we always produce some extras of parts, and those extras have started to pile up in the workshop – hence this sale! If you missed out on any of our previous offerings, this will be your chance to grab those pieces since the entire Wolf King catalog will be available in this sale! As previously stated, the items will be ready to ship shortly after orders are placed, as opposed to our normal lead time for order fulfillment, but be aware that we will have limited quantities of all these items since they are on-hand stock only. Normally we do not limited unpainted pieces, but for this sale there will be fixed quantities of all items and they will only be what is printed and ready for sale. Look for more details on that sale soon.

Oh, and for all our “painted” customers, the December sale will indeed be mostly unpainted parts from stock, but we will have a few painted pieces as well from some of the extras that I’ve had our roster of painters do over the previous sales.

Finally, if you are not yet registered for G-Con and LegionsCon 2020, what are you waiting for! I will have a breakout room at the start of LegionsCon 2020 where I will be talking about the future of Wolf King Customs and showing off some new products! We are also doing a giveaway of our never released LochWoggles painted by Dustin from Thundernerd Customs. See our Facebook feed for more info! That event is this coming Saturday, Nov 14th, starting at 9am EST. If you are on early, swing by my breakout room and say “hello”! You can register at

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