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The "War of the Akupara" Comes to our Sneak Peak Sale

The next reveal in our upcoming “Sneak Peak” sale is from a series we are calling the “War of the Akupara”.

This series and the character designs were conceived by Jeremy Girard, and the parts were sculpted by Walter DeMarco/MASS Customs. There will be quite a few additional War of the Akupara parts available in the future, but as part of our Sneak Peak sale at the end of this month you will be able to get early access to this awesome snapping turtle head, the turtle feet, and a really cool hook weapon!

These parts actually fit on both 1.0 dwarf styles bodies, as shown above on a Gonxx figure, or on the 2.0 goblin bodies, as shown below. Pop on a turtle shell shield from a Thwikk or Dark Forces Weapons Pack and you have a really cool turtle warrior! The weapon which will be available is also pretty awesome. It has a ton of detail that painters will have a blast working with and it will add a cool new style of weapon to your Legions.

While these turtle feet were developed for these Akupara parts (by the way, “Akupara” is the name of the turtle-man race that Jeremy created), these feet also work wonderfully with a standard Mythic Legions Bog Goblin, or even with some dragon-like figures. Below is an example of these feet in use with one of those Bog Gobs, as well as some customs with heads from Planetary Dog Toys. They work so well together and will allow you to build out even more cool customs for your collection.

Look for more War of the Akupara characters and parts in early 2021 – and stay tuned for one more reveal which will join this Akupara and the recently revealed Lochwoggle in our coming Sneak Peak sale (and no, the next reveal is NOT another critter!).

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